Padma Patil (peachy_padma) wrote,
Padma Patil

Friday morning after breakfast.

In preparation for Steven and I meeting tonight, I looked in a few books to find information about Ingorance Charms. Please. If he thinks that he's going to go around waving his wand at me and altering my state of consciousness, he's got another thing coming.

Apparently, the incantation is Tenebra Alucinor. However, I doubt that I would have enough time to be on my guard against it if he decides to cast it suddenly or something. May I just state that while I love Mandy dearly, I humbly think that her boyfriend is going off his rocker. But so am I Anyways. There's just a little protection spell that I learned some time ago, maybe from Draco or something . . . he did know quite a few interesting spells. As I was saying. It lasts for forty-eight hours, so I can put it on myself any time between right now and when I see Steven. And I'll have to put it on Lisa, too.

Don't know what to do about Kevin. Poor bloke's probably already got it on him. Don't think I haven't seen the odd glint in Steven's eye these days. It's a little disconcerting. Actually, quite disconcerting.

Now, for the supply list:

Vodka 1 bottle
Brandy 1 bottle
Firewhiskey 1 bottle

I'm not taking anything else out of storage. Those three will be very heavily concealed as hot-water bottles, and if anyone happens to ask why I'm carrying hot-water bottles in my bookbag, well . . . .

I'm saving the bourbon for Lisa and I, and Mandy if she'd like. It's all the way from America, some state called Louisiana, so I'm not wasting it on The Boy Who Likes To Go Around Casting Spells on People and The Boy Who, Unfortunately, Was Previous Boy's Victim.
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