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Excellent news, darling! I went down to Hogsmeade -- don't ask how, I have my ways -- and talked to a friend of Terry's. Oh Merlin I miss him I told her our, ah, plan, and, lovely woman that she is, she was only too happy to come to our aid. I bought the . . . supplies from her, and she gave me a lovely price. Anyways, I have in my possesion a large quantity of the stuff -- and when I say large, I mean 'so large that I could run my own damn business around the school and make loads of illicit Galleons' large. So I'm sure that there will be plently to go around between the four of us -- and then some. Perhaps we should plan a Ravenclaw House party soon afterwards or something.

So, the plan is good to go. I'll owl you the date soon. Also, please try and keep this owl under tight security, for both our sakes.

Your partner in crime (but this is perfectly legal, right? Sort of.),
The one and only Padma Patil

I am an absolute evil mastermind, and I love it.

I think.
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